Finding Ruby Path

I am newer to Ruby and learning it more and more each day. One thing I have noticed is, some of the applications, such as Tracks, that use Ruby need to know where the path to Ruby is.

I had this dedicated server setup for me to play around with. I had them install things like ColdFusion and Ruby with the Rails packages.

I know in php you have the phpinfo.php that you can use to find anything about your php install out. Does Ruby have something like that?



Can you log into your shell? Finding the ruby path is as easy as typing in

whereis ruby

at a terminal window.

I’ve never heard of “whereis” so if that does not work try “which” :slight_smile: (whereis could very well work, but I just have never heard of it)

whereis works on Linux :<

Good to know :slight_smile: Thanks for the tidbit heh

I am not new by any means to using SSH, but I had gotten so used to just knowing where stuff was when I had my old server that I completely forgot about the “which” command… and I never even knew about the whereis command, but lo and behold… it worked like a charm. Thanks for all of your input.