Finding Real Customers - Web/Software Development

Hello Members of the Community!

I am excited to be here! This is actually my very first post, on this forum.

I manage a Web/Software development company based in India and Australia. The office in Australia is just for representation purpose, and also because the company is partly owned by an Australian.

Now, my guys aren’t the world’s best developers, however; they’re better than most Indian companies especially because they have a sound understanding of how people outside think, and what they expect. We try to keep our quality levels consistent, and learn from our experiences with other developers or teams, who outsource their projects to us. This also helps us advance our skills. Apart from our other clients, we luckily stumbled upon 2 award winning companies, and have been working with them for the past 6 months. This helped us understand that we are after all quality providers, because they never stopped working with us.

As I said earlier, I just stumbled upon then, luckily, but now I want to find more of such companies/agencies. You might not see tons of awesome websites on our portfolio, but that’s because most of our projects are white labelled. However; we are always open for a qualification round, whether it be sending samples, or reviewing specs and sending feedbacks, or even sending in a test quote for you to check our cost competitiveness.

Now I know there are a lot of people out there in this forum, who could make use of a dedicated, trustworthly outsourcing company. The Question is, would you tell me…or would I have to find you :smile:

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