Finding out where my DNS is managed?

Hi guys,

I have a little problem. When I log into my domain provider it tells me my DNS is managed elsewhere ( when you click on you will see my predicament.

Is there a way I can find out where my DNS is managed?



Domain hosts often have quite a few name servers. Are you sure these aren’t owned by your service provider?

Please use this link to check all the details. This may help you.

Good luck

The domain is probably just used for nameservers that your provider uses.

What is your web site? Where it is hosted? You change your DNS in order to have your web site be shown under your domain name. Your web host gives you information about name server or about A record and you just change them on your domain name registrar.
All DNS records are managed by you only.

i recommend you contact your web hosting company and ask about I believe they will explain you a bit more then we are here.