Finding display nones

I have this page where there used to be a thermometor and it had display none set to it so that it did not display however I want to use it now but not sure how to find what css was used and where?

the thermonetor should show under the heading that says Little Qari Funding Campaign

Does your editor have a “find” function?
Search for “none” in the css. OK, there are an awful lot of stylesheets there.

There are also many, many 'display:none’s in all that css.

Is the thermometer in the html? I can’t see it anywhere in the html when I view source.

You have an empty div width display:none under that heading you mention.

 <div style="display:none">
 </div >

However there is no thermometer to be seen in the html so making the div display:block will be no good.

So. you’ve solved it?

Yes I finally found it, I searched through the css and found it in the options custom css.

Thanks for all your help.

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