Finding a premium wordpress theme that is fast, small JS/CSS/no of requests


I’m looking for a premium WordPress theme that performs really well out of the box. Just a minimalist style (but not as minimal as the free SitePoint one).

But they all seem to have huge CSS/JS and a load of requests.

Is there a publisher that concentrates on making optimised themes? I just want it to work out of the box

Have you checked out the SitePoint themes?

There are a lot available Wordpress themes. It depends on the goal of your website. I’ve been working on my site to present my services online using one of Proven 10+ One-Page WordPress Themes To Boost Your Online Presence from and I really like its design and functionality. Speaking about SitePoint themes, I haven’t tried them, but thanks fo the link, I’ll check it. Maybe I’ll use them for my future projects.

The OP specifically is asking for something very lightweight, with little css, javascript and server requests in general, which as far as I can see, these are not.

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