Find what the real URL is

I’m trying to move my website over to C9 and deploy on Heroku…I can’t friggin find where to place all my files! I get a 404 on every page but the index page.

I’m using CNAME to make my subdomain point to the heroku app…every page I get is 404. How can I find where I REALLY am on the HEroku application? Or better yet, where the hell do I Place my website files? Utterly lost.

In troubleshooting I would first verify that returns what you expect.
If not, the problem is with your Heroku deploy and not (yet) related to the DNS setup.

Yeah it does return as expected. I got rid of the project and am starting all over.

Well that will narrow the focus of your continued troubleshooting efforts.
If I recall correctly, there are some excellent guides on the Heroku blog/help that will give you the details for setting up CNAME properly.
I used Heroku a lot, in the recent past, but have not touched it for a little bit so cannot bring the details right to mind at the moment.

The CNAME did work. DID point to the heroku application. That part was fine. I was just unable to find where to put more files (to get my website rolling).

As said in the other thread htough, I am starting over. This is very frustrating, as a beginner.

I would love to be able to help you (in a Pair Programming) situation, if I can. I have done precisely that recently with a coworker here (after hours) to help him get started.

There are just a few fundamental ASSUMPTIONS you need to get a good grasp to avoid serious frustration.

I’m using C9 so I could add you as a workspace member and we could dual set this up? I’d be forever grateful. I know enough to get it deployed and everything (you’d supervise) so it wouldn’t take all that long I assume. I literally messed with this 6 hours on Friday, 14 hours on Saturday, and another 8 on Sunday (then some last night. I have attempted this a lot. Probably 40 times.

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