Find date of saturday of the week with current date in php

i wana get date of saturday of current week with date of current day,how its possible,im googling but nothing found,

I think what you’re looking for is strtotime()

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Assuming that you have the original date in $dt and want Saturday’s date in $dt1 then we can do:

$dt1 = DateTime::createFromFormat(('Y-m-d', date('Y-m-',$dt).(6+date('j',$dt)-date('w',$dt)));
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thanks but what is the format of $dt?

when i run this code $dt=date("d"); $dt1 = DateTime::createFromFormat(('Y-m-d',date('Y-m-',$dt).(6+date('j',$dt)-date('w',$dt))); echo $dt1;

i get this error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ',' in ...
this error belongs to line of $dt1 = DateTime::createFromFormat(('Y-m-d', date('Y-m-',$dt).(6+date('j',$dt)-date('w',$dt)));

i think i maked a mistake,the format of $dt?

$dt would be a date object.

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i have same parse error,Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘,’ in …

`$dt = new DateTime(‘02/31/2011’);

$dt1 = DateTime::createFromFormat((‘Y-m-d’,date(‘Y-m-’,$dt).(6+date(‘j’,$dt)-date(‘w’,$dt)));
echo $dt1;`

i maked some change on this code and worked awesome, @felgall you are genius, works perfectly

thanks to you mr @Gandalf i used strtotime for this success,

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