Find a solution to a problem on WordPress

Hello, if an error occurs when installing an add-on or template on the WordPress platform, can the site crash and not function properly?
How is this problem solved?
Thank you


The more information you can provide, the more specific a response can be.

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I created a blog on blogger and it worked for me.

But when I created a blog on wordpress, the site crashed and didn’t work properly

“It crashed” is like walking into a car repair shop, without your car, and telling the mechanic “It broke.”

The mechanic isnt going to be able to help you without either the car or a whole lot of a better description than that. Probably with pictures.

Can you give an assessment of the speed of this site

I can google the words “page speed tester” and copy and paste your URL into the first result that comes up, sure.

(You could do that too.)

Pretty good scores on Desktop. Mobile has a bit of an issue with load times though.


Thank you very much :hugs:

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