Find a file and include another file into it

I’m using a plugin that updates alsmost evert week, and when that happens it overrides every work that I’ve done. I welcome the updates but not when it overrides my inputs. I’m trying to keep my inputs in seperate file and have a code in place that will find the pluging file and include my inputs as a file. That way nothing will break, my inputs and the updates will both be intact. my code looks like below.

$useThis = 'search-processor.php';

$putHere = "um-actions-members.php";

file_put_contents($useThis, $putHere, FILE_APPEND | LOCK_EX);

Shouldn’t you create a plugin and put it in the plugin folder as the document says? Plugins will never be overwritten. An application that allows plugins will never delete plugins.

How would I do that.

What application are you using? Do they have any documentations on plugins? If so, follow their instructions.

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