Finally a place for us cartoonists to talk shop!

Glad to see this forum. I’m a professional cartoonist and fine artist.

I do need to upgrade the training though with more Photoshop training.

How many of you use comics, cartoons in your web content?

Welcome to Sitepoint Greg, what kind of use do you currently have of Photoshop? Do you draw digitally or scan your artwork? I have a background in print media and we had a cartoonist/illustrator working across the hallway from us for a couple of years. Was fascinating to see him at work and his workflow and how it differed from how we used Photoshop. Obviously it is a huge package and highly capable of tackling all sorts of jobs, what areas are you looking to upgrade your training in?

I have a bent towards photography rather than illustration but have always appreciates comics as an art form in how they can communicate so much through simple ink on paper.

Hiya Slackr!

Photoshop is a tool for me. Helps me prep artwork for printing. I need to study up on the CG animation though. I’m looking to combine more artwork with internet marketing since there’s a major lack of it. So far the tests I’ve done with website content and marketing are pretty impressive but need fine tuning. One of these days I’ll hook up with a big shot in the industry and really rock. I don’t think I can post links to my works but they’re out there.

Photoshop is great, and and a nearly indispensable part of web design and digital photography. It’s really quite versatile , so I dont want to sound like am saying it’s not the tool for digital art or illustrations. depending on your art style, you may benefit more from using Adobe Illustrator tho. In either case, you can still scan and import… or use the mouse or Wacom tablet to trace or draw freehand. I just feel like illustration wise, AI allows you to correct line work easier, change colors and be size-independent.