Filzilla No Permission to See Listing of Directory - Have to Navigate to Sub directory


I have set up a development server for my designer.

The root directory permission are files 640 directories 750.

I have changed the subdirectories to chmod o+rxw for directories that need to be accessed
and o+x for directories that need to be traverssed.

I set up the chroot using sshd_config and forced acceess only using sftp.

All good so far.

Now, when the user come into filezilla - the system cannot perform a ls.

This is fine for me when I connect via sftp as I simply do a cd command blindly - I know what the files are.

how can I set this up for her or walk her through accessing the files in Filezilla?

I cannot see them there (I presume it is teh same as the forbidden ls in the root directory) … but most importantly I cannot seem to do a cd command.


What’s the username of the designer, and what are the owners (user and group) of the files?

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