Filtering through dropdown box in a session page

Hi all,

I am working on adding a dropdown box in a php page which displays data from MySQL table, so that selecting an option in that dropdown box will run a query in the PHP page and display only certain data in the page, i.e., the dropdown box will act as filter box. But the PHP pages are reached only through logging in, and each of these pages start a session when they are run.

Initially I made a simple task of just echoing a message when a dropdown box option is selected, eg., when I select “Windows” from the dropdown box the php page will print/echo “Windows”. But this didnt work and after trying several things, I saw that it echoes the option as expected, only when I comment out the “session” syntax, and I goto the PHP page without logging in it, i.e., without going to the index page of the website and logging in it, if I goto the expected page directly the dropdown box echoes the expected message properly.

So without initiating a session this works, and I need to find a way to display the expected things in the page even after using “session” in it and logging to it. Please let me know if you need any more information.