Filter table with js

Hi, I am a newcomer and I need some help with a js code.
I want to create a tabel filtre like .
The script works almost perfect.
Am on the first 3 columns the filtre work perfect, what I want more is that on the last 2 columns when you search for a dimension or code I want to display only the matched value, not all of product values.
To explain the table a bit:
Is an 5 columns table, where some of the first 3 columns have rowspan attribute because is same product but with different dimensions and codes.
If I search on dimension input the value “70” the script output all the products where is found the value 70 with all dimmensions, but i want to display only the value requested and hide other values that not meet the request ( on this case is showed 170, and 210 values, but i need to display only the 170 values.)
I put the link for the code here:


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