Filter material by 2 criteria

Help please, I need to make the selection of materials for the two criteria state and type.
Materials have tags and have subsidiaries of the parent page
Filter material by 2 criteria
cms GetSimple

<form method="GET" action="/base" >
    <div class="SRHBoxTopPositioner">Search</div>
    <div class="Bs_TitleText">State:</div>
    <select name="type" class="DropDownListText">
        <option value='state1'>State1</option>
        <option value='state'>State2</option>
        <option value='state3'>State3</option>
    <div class="Bs_TitleText">For Sale or Rent:</div>
    <select name="minprice" class="DropDownListText">
         <option value='Sale'>Sale</option>
        <option value='Rent'>Rent</option>
    <input type="submit" class = 'bluebutton' value="Search" />

php code

$type = (isset($_GET['type']) && !empty($_GET['type'])) ? mb_strtolower($_GET['type'], 'UTF-8') : '';
$minprice = (isset($_GET['minprice']) && !empty($_GET['minprice'])) ? ' ' . $_GET['minprice'] : '';
  array('tags'=> . $type . $minprice, 'numWords'=>0,'HEADER'=>null,
    'order'=>'+priceot','NOT_FOUND'=>'Nothing found', 'showPaging'=>null )

Values ​​are substituted form a component, and it occurs filter