Filmstrip Concept - Not sure how to start it

Okay so I am by no means a developer but I cannot seem to figure out how to make a function in which to take the target defined within a div ( .attr(“tgt”) ) and then use that to pull it into a switch to determine the offset.

I drew a quick concept just to illustrate what my thought pattern is.

What I have are 11 slivers within the did that needs the background offset to change. I set them to 9% of the width, floating left. and so the center one won’t do anything because it is dead-center. (Illustrated on the left - offsets below the wireframe)

The blue text is what my thoughts are for altering the div, just not sure how to plug in the offsets and creating a function/functions to do so.

Ideas, thoughts? Any help would be good because I am just drawing a blank on this one.

*NOTE: Just to add more of a description, the idea is so when the viewer hovers over the main div it keeps rotating the “filmstrip” because the background-repeat is set to “repeat-x”