Fill in form from a database

Hi Guys

I’m in the process of updating an old site and I desperately need some help.

Customer completes a series of form which end up in an Access Database and then they are transferred through to PayPal for payment processing.

In the updated version when the customer returns there is a final form which they can printout. There appear to be two ways to accomplish this.

[1] Using cookies, the data can be stored in a cookie file (which deletes within 24 hours) or

[2] The database method where they complete a form which asks name and zipcode and they are then redirected to a final form which has the data transferred from the database.

Option [1] has problems as many users disable cookies or restrict there storage, option [2] overcomes these as the database in on the server.

But not being a database expert, does anyone one have the URL where I can download scripts to do what I want?