Filezilla and 1and1 *Help*

Hello everyone,

I extremely new to webhosting and web design so please bare with me.

I have setup an account with 1and1, the unlimited package, as I will need to host a number of websites.

Im using filezilla as my FTP client also.

My problem is that I can connect to my host no problem, but when I try to set up a ‘new site’, the files I uploaded to my original site are there already on the new site…? Not sure what or how to host properly, please help!



Hi spacegecko. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

when I try to set up a ‘new site’, the files I uploaded to my original site are there already on the new site…?

How do you set up a new site? Presumably this is something you do on the web hosting admin side, rather than in FileZilla. Each host is a bit different, and I’m not familiar with 1and1. They should have some instructions for setting up new sites and connecting with them.


Your first mistake is in using 1&1 as their reputation is not good. Past that …

Ralph is correct in assuming that you’re not setting up your Addon domains correctly (not using the control panel provided). If you’re provided cPanel, use the Addon tool to add a domain and be sure to specify distinct subdirectories of the main domain for each addon domain - don’t worry, they will be addressed directly (bypassing the main domain’s structure). Some hosts add a basic file or two (so visitors don’t crash and burn when coming to an empty, just created website) but it’s your job to populate the new directories for each sub/addon domain.

Like Ralph, I’m not a 1&1 client so I don’t know their setup but cPanel is ubiquitous so you shouldn’t have any problems. If you do, has good documentation (on the standard installation).



Yes, I agree . . . 1&1 should be avoided at all costs!!! Usually if you have a reseller account you use at least 2 different tools: one is something similar to WHM (Web Hosting Manager) to set up accounts, and then something similar to cPanel (Control Panel) to manage the account, upload files, add email accounts, modify the domain record, etc. Contact your hosting provider and ask them to give you some assistance in getting going with this. They also usually have some videos or help documents on their website.