FileSystem Security with MetaData ? (CDN)

Hey guys!

I’m currently building an interface for a FileManager that has an internet root directory hosted on a Cloud Service (RackSpace Cloud Files to be precise) - and I’ve got it succesfully connected so that’s all coming together.
However, the directory in the cloud is being published using the CDN protocol, meaning that it has a valid internet URL, meaning that anyone with that URL can go in and grab the files which is unacceptable for obvious reasons.

It seems that the usual approach is to use MetaData to add values that apply to the files/directories, but I’ve never really used any MetaData other than the standard HTML page header info.

In my head, MetaData is just descriptive Data like tags?

Has anyone tried anything like this, or have any ideas?

Basically, I have the option to apply MetaData “Names” –> “Values”, so I’m guessing there are some rules that can be applied to deny access, or redirect to a chosen URL?
And, is there a way for the rules to destinguish between any user and my FileManager application, or do I have to write some custom security protocol? :x

Thanks in advance!


Why put files on a CDN is people are not suppose to access it? That makes no sense. You use a CDN so your content goes out to as many edge nodes as possible to users get fast downloads no matter where they are located in the world. Using a CDN for private files only make sense if you have a corporate network spread about the world. But that would have been setup to be private via a firewall and VPN.

That is the case, the client is a process engineering firm with employees working on-site around the world who need to be able this closed filesystem!