File names in russian

Looking at many russian websites (which are in cyrillic) the page names (file names html, php, etc) are mainly database results or they use short English names.


  • tools.html and not toolsinrussian.html (here I not mean cyrillic)

Although the pages are fully in russian cyrillic, I not see the why of the Eng. page titles. Especially for russian only pages I would choose to name pages in the russian language as well (agree that this language need a lot of words, where in Eng. or other European language we can use two or three words in a keyword phrase.

Question is: Is it harming websites / pages when they are with russian file names?

Thanks for the feedback.

Seems nobody knows about it :slight_smile:

Some information I got after posting. Till recently it was not allowed to use (or possible) cyrillic in the file names. Pages till now (the older ones) were database driven or they used just short Eng. words and most of the time just a one word page name.

Still is my question if the use of using the russian language in the file names (pagenamekeywods.html) will do better as the Eng. used page names.