File Management

Hi all,

I am looking for something that will allow users to upload files to a password protected area of a website. User should also be able to see / view / download all files as well (regardless of who uploads them). There are about 5 users who will need access to this area.

I’m not even sure what to search for. I tried searching for ‘file management’, but got results regarding ftp.

I’m really looking for a solution that will allow end users to have a repository of documents (pdf, word, etc).

Additional info: I would like this to be hosted on my own server. Product has a One time fee only; no recurring monthly fees.

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Something like these?

Why not just create a separate FTP area for these 5 users?

Thanks FF,
I may need to set up an ftp area for them. Ideally, I’m looking for a much slimmed down version of onehub which I just found.

I think what I need is a simple document management solution. Just a place to upload word, excel, pdf files and have them able to be viewed/downloaded.