File keeps downloading from Sitepoint?

What’s going on here? I’m running Google chrome and Sitepoint keeps downloading a file to my laptop.

It’s called cb_render.php and it keeps doing it on all the pages. Its already downloaded 5 times already - and I know its not my PC because I have many things implemeneted blocking spyware and various other things.

And its coming from here:

cb_render (5).php<?=%20$_GET[‘g’]%20?>
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The answer is in the Clouds :slight_smile:

Try blocking it then; it’s probably the new fangled SEO stuff that is ‘as daft as a dormouse’ and not functioning correctly yet, i.e. another glitch with the new SPF structure that hasn’t been resolved.

Ya, I just did that thanks.

For me, that file didn’t keep on downloading. It kept failing to download. Major slowdown.

You may also notice that some of the navigation links are broken and will go to the index page,

And some posts may look odd as [NOPARSE]

[/NOPARSE] tags are getting stripped out.

Extremely frustrating :unhappy:

It kept failing to download. Major slowdown.
I noticed that too, the first thing I did was plug that url into google and it seems that it is notorious for causing problems in other forums as well.

I threw it into my windows localhost file right away, problem solved!
That blocks all those sites from any browser I use on my system.

Had the same problem here at SP a couple of months ago with one called

They’re towards the bottom of my evolving list of blocked ad sites. :stuck_out_tongue: localhost