File extension icons

Does any one know where I can get a set of file extension icons? You know, all extension have their own icons. Like .xls, .zip, .jpeg, etc.

this guy has 120 file extension icons for free (Non-commercial use) if you click the “Download” link to the left of the sample image it will provide you with the compressed .Rar file of the whole set :slight_smile:

I downloaded & uncompressed them just to check them out, some pretty good work I think :slight_smile:

Wow, those are some nice icons.

I thought so to, pretty top notch quality in my opinion. Might be a little over the top though if all DeNasio needs is micro form type icons :expressionless:

Although these are very excellent icons, they are not the real icons for the extensions. These are icons that he made himself. Take a look at the icon I attached for the .doc file extension. I’m looking for other extensions like that.

i see, ok here’s a few FREE doc type icon sets that are more micro form style:

This ones a 122 peice set of file type icons

this ones a 42 piece set

This ones 96 Sets of icons & has a couple file types mixed in with them

This site has thousands, but they are more detail oriented

Some of those might help you out :slight_smile:

The real icons are actually built into whichever program you have associated with the extension. If you change the file association then the icon will change. There is no specific icon associated with any extension.