File download dialog appear when browsing a php file

I’m new to php. I installed php 5.3.2 (had previous php version installed & xampp but have removed) and I have a php file with code <?php phpinfo(); ?>. When I browse this in IE, the File Download dialog appears. The Application mapping for php is set to fcgiext.dll. Any help apprepriated.

That means you havent hooked PHP into Apache.

I’m using IIS 5.1 and not using Apache anymore.

Should probably have a read through :

Also, another tip is to clear your cache after changing some settings. Once, I was trying to solve a problem where the source code for the front page was being loaded. I spent 1 hour trying to fix the problem.

Once the cache was cleared, it worked normally (to me).

I uninstalled PHP, FastCGI & IIS and reinstalled. That fixed the problem.