Figuring out this JS code

Hi, I am trying to figure out how the get the featured area


at to link to webpages rather than displaying it within the featured box on the left .

This area is using JS file to display the videos on content in the featured box when different items on the menu are clicked, here is the working example :

Okay ,
The problem: Loading a new webpage rather than displaying the content at featured box at

Tried solutions:
linking to javascript functions like onclick=“window.location=“”;” etc but still the content loads up in the featured box ,
try clicking on 2) it displays rather than loading new page.

Any suggestions :confused:

You could try writing to the featured box directly instead of loading
each tab using the jqueryui tabs().

Link 1: call swfobject to load video to featured box
Link 2: ordinary link with href=“” target=“_blank”
Link 3: maybe other function that writes to the featured box eg: $(“#featuredbox”).html(“foo”)
Link 4: and so on.

I hope this could help.

Hi @jandantes , sounds like a plan however I am fairly new to working wiht jQuery , how to write to the featured box directly ?

I know I have the following event at the header of the webpage which calls and displays the featured box with nice CSS , however if I take out the below code the entire featured box formatting is gone like in the screenshot event code

<script  type="text/javascript">
$(function() {


I think it’s better to stick with the tabs(), you may try this,
on the link you want to load a new page,add the href then add an id, for example:

<a href=“http://www…” id=“newLink”>
<strong>Company Sponsored</strong><br>
Retirement Plans*401K</a>

then after your .tabs() call,add this:

$(“a#newLink”).unbind(‘click’).each(function() {
this.href = $.data(this, ‘href.tabs’);

Hi @jandantes , got that working , really appreciated your efforts :slight_smile: