Fight between Designer, Developers and Content Writers

The Internet is one of the fastest changing areas in the world. Nobody know everything, and even seasoned professionals would know little on topics within web development. For example, a web designer might think he had an idea of what web development is about, but until he get’s his hands dirty and spends some time in the field, then he really is out of his depth. Same can be said for a content writer, or a search engine or social media optimizer.

So many fields, all changing at the speed of light. I recently bought a Site Point Guide - SEO Business Kit, and even though at them time it was okay I recently read something giving credit to article submission websites. It so happens that in the last 20 or so days the Panda update came out rendering the new/updated section within the book as outdated.

Since this is the case it would be somewhat out of the question to expect somebody to know everything. This makes a real problem when communicating from field to field, as a web designer would have his/her own perspective to websites, and the same can be said with a content writer or web developer. Each, to some degree, might believe their specific topic of interest is more important that there peers. This fight amongst the occupations is silly really, as they are all equally important in getting the message out.

Can you imagine going to a brilliantly designed website with terrible content, or can you imagine going to a plain website with amazing content? The combinations of content vs design vs development can go on for ever.

The problem is there is no real set rules to how things should be done, everybody is doing what they believe as right, which is based on there influences. Even companies are doing there own things based on what they feel is right.

Now as a designer, I know basic skills on the other fields. Now what happened if I know more than the basics, what then? Would I have the know-how to really launch something quite unique. I am into community based websites, not so much mobile application, so my dream would be to launch and make a living from a community based site.

That has only bumped down a few sites and created a new myth. It did not render article sites useless. Which I guess only adds to your point. There are not only constant changes to deal with but hypes, fads and myths as well.

You can only expect to do the best job you can do, and hire someone else to do the rest. I don’t think you even need to be proficient in every area yourself. If you try to be a know-it-all, you’ll end up spending all your time learning and none doing. That beats the purpose of learning in first place.

You will not know what you can accomplish until you do it. Creating and promoting a particular site requires very particular knowledge which you’ll get only after you will have done it. You can read a book on how to create a community site and you will still face challenges unique to your own site. No theory will ever prepare you for what’s to come. So get your basics and get going, you will pick up everything else you need as you go. Whole companies like SitePoint are based around people who know little but do things, some of them end up doing great things.

If you haven’t started creating your fist community site, better start doing it - it’ll probably take more than one try to get it right no matter how much you try to prepare for it. Good luck :slight_smile: