Fieldset font is notb scaling downward

The default font in the fieldset HTML tag is not scaling down to the font. I want to reduce the font size when I do it reduces the default padding inside, but not the font and it only goes upward in terms of font increase.

I’m confused. Your demo looks microscopic to me in Chrome.

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Sir, On the fieldset, try to decrease font through front-size property say 2px. see nothing happens?

The font size in your demo is 1px, and it’s so small I can’t read it. Is that not happening for you? If so, what browser are you using? Or maybe I’m not understanding the issue. :slight_smile:

I am on Chrome for me font size is not decreasing:

I have purchased a new laptop may be I have done some setting in Chrome that is not allowing -ve scaling of font in chrome browser beyond some value set.

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Check your minimum font size setting in the chrome browsers settings as this will override anything else.

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