Ffmpeg file meta data is not transferred


I am working with ffmpeg in php. I am using the version 5.1.

The requirement is that I need to convert one “mpeg” file to “flv”. Also to copy the meta data. The converted file does not show the time, title etc fields.

But it is not working, though the file conversion is done.

My code is :

‘320x240’ -y “.$_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’].”/ffmpegtest/“.$tmpfile.” &> “.$_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’].”/ffmpegtest/testing.info -map_meta_data abc.flv:may4_sm.mpg";
$a = exec($command,$b);

Can anyone please help me how can I do that? or what mistake I am doing.

Thanks in advance.


The error message would be in your $b variable.

What is the output of your $b variable? Do any error messages get generated from ffmpeg?

I have not checked the output of $b variable. But I did not get any error message. As I mentioned, the output file is being generated.