Feedburner sends Google Ads along with my post to email subscribers

Hi all Webmasters,

I have a wordpress blog on site http://www.architecture-student.com/

Now, I use Feedburner account to manage my RSS feeds, and also use
Adsense for Feeds.

But I noticed that whenever I update a new post, my email subscribers
get Google ads in their mail along with the post.

Is this Okay? I have read that it is against Google TOS to send ads
via email. But I am not doing it. The ads are hardcoded into the

Feedburner is the one sending adsense ads along with the posts. If
this could be a problem, how can I solve it?

Appreciate all the help…


Since Google bought feedburner in 2007, I guess there is no problem whatever they do with adsense, don’t worry…