Feedburner Branding

Everybody seems to really like Feedburner. The only issue I have with it is right after you enter your email address and hit subscribe, that big Google Feedburner box pops up. Not that Google and FB aren’t well known enough, but isn’t there a way to not associate your website with the “Google” brand possible with FB? I really just like my readers to believe everything going on with my website, is done through my website. Is it possible to remove their logo from the popup box? Are their competitor products that work just as good for Wordpress?


Yhea Me too If I find interresting in blog e-mail subscriptions and complet statistic wordpress way that can replace feed-burner i’ll jump on word press for all my futur clients… :wink:

They have one… It’s called Subscribe2… It’s a free plugin. But I hear it’s not as efficient as Feedburner and it uses your server. If you’re on a shared server they DEFINITELY don’t seem to suggest using it. I like Feedburner, I just wish the world didn’t have to see the Google/FB brand when they subscribe.

I don’t see it as being much of an issue, these days the issue of relying on third party components isn’t much of an issue, especially with cloud computing. Most people don’t look at a photo album and say “it’s hosted on FlickR? That’s it I’m not going back”, most people really don’t care and they filter out the branding they see (it’s all part of psychology as per how people are flooded with information their brains will just filter out the unnecessary info). It’s not like your using a poor quality service, I would think clients would be happy to know that your feed will always be available (due to where it’s being provided). :slight_smile: