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Hi all,

I’m going through the process of setting my new portfolio website live and just wanted to get some feedback on how it looks, what could be improved and just general feedback before I send it live. My existing portfolio can be found at the main domain as way of comparison - it dates from around 2014 so is quite old in its style but I’ve taken some elements from it which I thought make it easy and interesting to navigate.

Old portfolio:
New portfolio:

Thanks in advance!

Hi there Shoxt3r,

I cannot comment on the website, because my
dislike of all things Bootstrap is well known :taped:

What I can do though, is draw your attention to
the site’s coding errors… - results for

…which a web developer should really not have
overlooked before publication. :unhappy:


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I used the free CSS validator and noticed an old version of Bootstrap was being used?

Used: v4.1.3
Latest: v4.3.1

Why not use the CDN version?

Is it still necessary to include all -ms-flex-order when using the latest Html Doctype?

I do like the way the images appear to use Lazy Loading and do not affect the page loading speed

I forgot to ask why is HTTP still being used when there are free HTTPS versions available? Most browsers splash an 'Orrible warning about a site not being secure when rendering a HTTP Url.


Hi coothead,

Thanks for your reply - I was in the process of going through the validation errors but thanks for highlighting it all the same.

Out of interest what is your dislike(s) of Bootstrap and what alternatives would you recommend, given Bootstrap’s widespread support?

Will report back once I’ve ironed out all the kinks with the validation.
Any comments on the design/UX of the site in the meantime please? :slight_smile:



Good point, I’ll be using the CDN version of v4.1.3 when it comes to launch the site. I’ve been developing the site locally for the most part over the course of a few months (1-2 hours here and there) without a network connection, hence why it has a locally-based reference. At this point though I was looking for feedback regarding the general look/feel, design and UX :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliment about the lazy loading! Good point about HTTPS, I’ll look into that.

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Hi all,

It’s been a while since my last update but the new site is now live after a few more tweaks and adding more projects I’ve been working on. CDN links dropped in, HTTPS applied and fully tested on W3C validator!

Please let me know if you have any further feedback!



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