Feedback on design of my website

Hey guys my website is, in general it is about ICOs. But here I am looking for feedback on design, I know it looks like from 2000s and I am trying to change smth. Especially interested in the usability tips.

You have some validation issues:

In the CrushCrypto, what does the score represent? You have percentage in some, then names for others, but in the CrushCrypto you have names separated by a solidus.

I’m just not fond of the inconsistencies of the scores column.

Add: most of the page you linked to looks okay on my phone, it wouldn’t hurt to increase the width of the columns and center the scores inside. I looked at another link and it looks amiss:

Thank you, appreciate your comments.

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Ensure your tables are constructed correctly, using <th> elements to associate the headings with the relevant data. At the moment, the word “score” is not even in the same table as the list of scores. It may be associated visually, but for users of screen readers (and search engine bots), there is nothing to indicate that the word is supposed to be a heading for the data below.

See for more information on constructing accessible tables.

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