Feedback on a site design

I would really like to get feedback on my website design. I would love some specific feedback on how I can start to take this to the next level.

My site is

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I don’t speak Greek so can’t say anything about the text but the design is really nice overall though it does seem geared towards 1080p, on a higher resolution display there is a lot of empty space in the three boxes that appear when you first land on the page.

I’m not keen on the generic images that you’ve chosen to represent your clients. Personally although less aesthetically pleasing I’d rather see screenshots of the sites you built there.

Thank you very much for your answer, I will see what can change

yeah looks nice and clean to me. Although perhaps as @TomB says more real images rather than stock would help.

my greek is at about a 5year olds level so also couldn’t read it (other than the odd word here and there), but i did stumble upon the ‘switch to english’ in the menu (which works well once you find it). Perhaps bring that out of the menu and make it more obvious at the top.

Hi Tom.
Site looks great.
I wouldn’t make any changes.

Thank you

I opened your site and saw half the headline. I understand that it depends on the monitor. However, my desire to stay was less. Work on transferring the site to different devices. Don’t forget the phones.

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