Feed for facebook page and google page

Hi, Thanks in advanced.
I have an e-commerce site. So every time I add a new product in my e-commerce site, I want that it will be publish in my facebook page and google+ page automatically. Is there anything with feed I can do it or something else I have to do.

Please help me all the expert.


Hi kayesmahmud. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

The first question here is what ecommerce software you are using. If using a standard ecommerce CMS, there may be an add-on that someone has written for this kind of functionality. If not, then you may need to hire a programmer to write a cript for you that will do this.

If you use wordpress then yes you can definitely create a feed and directly post it to facebook. There are quite a number of plugins / auto post options available for posting to facebook as soon as an entry is created. Auto tweet is also possbile.

With regards Google Plus as far as I am aware currently API does not support auto posting. There were talks that the new API would include facility for auto posting, but I have no idea whether it has been made available or not.

If you let me know the ecom component you are using I can suggest plugins for auto tweet / auto post to facebook.

And for your reference, one simple and easy way is to add your feed to feedburner and then select auto post and that will do the needful. That would be the easiest option for you

Thanks to all of you.

Even facebook itself providing apps plugin which you can generate through your Facebook page and then add this in your website code.