Fedex Form Functionality

I have a Fedex form on my website : something like this

I want to make it functional using php. I dont know the process of FedEx Shipping

There are tree option on the top, gold, Silver and diamond, When a user click on each of the option it will appear three option, Print a FedEx Shipping Label, Email me a FedEx Label, Send me a FedEx Label through the Mail. I want help to make three Options functional when a user fill the form.

Please help.

Thanks in advance :blush:

This forum isn’t a “Please program me a solution” forum. It is a “I have attempted to program a solution, but am currently stuck and need help” forum. Thank being said.

  1. The options after the options showing up is going to be some Javascript programming you’ll need. Not a PHP script. So you’ll need to learn Javascript.

  2. You should learn the process of FedEx shipping and using their API and if something like that is even possible. The form on that page you linked to doesn’t work at all.

  3. You should learn how to program in PHP.

or 4. Get someone (and probably pay them) to do 1-3. I think you should at least try to find out if FedEx allows external access to their API for creating the orders and labels, as you’d like them to be created. You might find out the first two are possible, but the one via normal mail isn’t.


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