February 2011 Photo Showcase: Repetition

In honor of GroundHog Day in February, this month’s showcase subject is:

Show us your best examples of duplication or recursion.

You can almost smell the salt air!

what i understand by duplicate is…

sunflower in a mall by [url=http://www.flickr.com/people/aaish/]aayeshafarooq, on Flickr

and this also

Pappa Rolls It is by [url=http://www.flickr.com/people/aaish/]aayeshafarooq, on Flickr

Yes, cizzlingeast, you have the right idea.
The intention, though, of this forum is to demonstrate your photography skills. It is expected that the images are YOURs.

Take your camera out and be on the lookout for examples of repetiton (duplication could be a synonym in this case).

thankx parkin for replying me…
well the photos that i have posted are captured by me in recent days so my photos are genuinely owned by me.
looking forward for more photos


(Hmm, uploading it looses quality. The image size is under 256K though, but still it gets compressed to 79K after upload)

Maybe this tyre repair is repetition?

The rays of the wheel, the links of the chain, the bars of the fence… there’s a lot of repitition in that picture

In Osan (South Korea), just outside the US Air Base, there is a small shop that sells just about anything you can imagine.
This is the back wall of that little shop.