Feather selection fill in photoshop?

Hi there,

I made a rectangle selection with feather 20px. Now I don’t know why, when I try to fill the selection, the fill also appears outside the selection. When I don’t use feather the fill constrains to the selection area. What should I do in order to fill only in the selection area when using feather?

I attached an example image

Feather will do that; try making the rectangle with no feather, then go to select -> modify -> smooth, then fill it in. See if that is what you are aiming for :tup:

The feather tool always “leaks” outside the selection area. You can compensate for this by drawing a smaller selection and then feathering it. For example, if you want the feathered fill to cover something like 200 x 200 pixels, you should try drawing a rectangle selection measuring roughly 160 x 160 pixels. After feathering (feather 20) this selection the fill will measure roughly 200 x 200 pixels (a bit over). Experiment with the selection sizes and feather values to get the best result.

Gr8 that worked just fine for me :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot mates

No problem :slight_smile:

you could also save the selection as an alpha channel, switch to the new channel while leaving the selection active, apply guassian blur, and then use that channel as the new selction for the fill.

I just wanted a simple fill for a rectangle selection area which has feather ( I mean no 90 degrees angles). It’s odd to me that it has no direct option for that :confused:

What I do in these situations is select what I want then invert it, feather, then delete the outside…
It keeps things in side your boundaries.

Why not try the rounded rectangle shape tool under the shape menu on the tools bar. When using this tool you can set the miter or whatever the roundy-ness of the edges on the options bar at the top.

that sounds also like a good idea(your first) the later complicates things for me as I need only part of the feathered rectangle…