FCC Net Neutrality - good, bad or ugly?

So they finally pass their feared legislation, info here:


Personally, I don’t think anything good can come from it, either way. Once regulation starts, either way, the Gov’t will screw it up anyhow. I didn’t see a problem before the legislation, the intertubes was doing just fine without their help. Now the politico’s in Washington think they need to get their hands in it somehow and nothing good will come of it. :rolleyes:

Unfortunately, it is getting to the point where something has to be done - especially with the Comcast purchase of the NBC properties from GM. They were openly talking about severely increasing the rates for that content, and/or blocking access completely. And they weren’t the only ones (just the most blatantly evil). I had heard rumors of others (Google?) attempting to do something, but for the life of me I can’t find the links.

I’ll be highly surprised if this makes it past the first court challenge anyways. The lack of understanding in Washington of the issues that net neutrality bring up is staggering.

OK, I’m stopping now before this devolves in the truly political arena…