FB tracking followers problem

There seems to be a big problem with FB being able to track an account’s followers, when using their buttons.
I’ve seen this mainly with the “follow” bubble and also with the ‘like’ bubble.

This bug appears whether the visitor is logged in or not.

I’ve seen where sites, instead of using the follow button, instead adopt a ‘like’ button but based in a broader sense (going thru AddThis) but not certain exactly how this works.

Am using XFBML and have tested HTML5 but this appears to give the same.

Ideally I would like to display (2) distinct sections to clarify for the visitor:

“Find Us At:” - followed by FB/Twit buttons
“Share This Page:” - followed by FB/Twit/G+ buttons

Twitter and Google are fairly straightforward but FB is the thorn. Mostly for the ‘follow’ (showing ‘0’) but also not showing totals for ‘like’.

What to do about this?