Fb tab with swf not working

well friedns i have created wordpress page which i installed page flip now i have created tabs on facebbook but its shows plz download adobe even its working on http://almbusiness.net/fotilepakistanfb/wp-content/plugins/page-flip-image-gallery/popup.php?book_id=3#

but when u click on oven which is fb tabs not working

its i think swf files

If its a flash plugin, it’ll need Adobe Flash. So that’s probably why its prompting the user to download Adobe.

I mind you don’t update adobe flash plug in or no set up adobe flash plug in on your browser .so please download this and set up or update…

If the video is working on one site but not another, then the problem can’t be in the browser. If the Flash plugin were missing, the video wouldn’t work on either site.

I am also experiencing the same problem. Try uploading the file in different format. I hope it’ll help you.

It’s nothing to do with flash plugin. It’s because a facebook page enforces loading all content over https. In your case you have an external javascript file that loads the swf. If you open the page in chrome or another browser with console reporting you’ll see the error:

“The page at (your external url) was loaded over HTTPS, but ran insecure content from ‘(your external javascript url)’: this content should also be loaded over HTTPS.”