Favorite Online Games

Hi Guys,

Please tell me about your favorite online game. Also tell what you like and dislike about that game?

Counterstrike: Global Offensive
Diablo (2/3)
Starcraft: Broodwar

Counterstrike is the best FPS to ever be invented.
Diablo2/3, the storyline and all the cool stuff you can do like fight other people (PvP)
Starcraft Broodwar: the UMS (user map settings) and you can play almost anything imaginable! Even had a football league going in this
Hitman: it’s fun playing as an assassin.

Oh that brings back fond memories. Did you ever play Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty? That was a fun game too, had an awesome story line.

Unfortunately no; I was still hooked to BW. I’m the type of person to where if I’m addicted to a game, I touch nothing else. SC2 came and went; now it’s been out so long I don’t feel like touching SC2.

I’m addicted to CSGO and have no plans of leaving until another game comes by that really grabs my attention.

Did you play any UMS? Heard of NFL Blitz? Team Defense?

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Oh yes. I never did NFL Blitz, but I did play Team Defense, Special Forces, V-Tech Paintball (when it was popular), etc. I also used to rank pretty well in Ladder, but I haven’t played Brood War for years now. :frowning:

NFL blitz was almost like our own little cult. We’d kick people from the lobby if you didn’t have it downloaded since learning it was extremely hard for new people and noone liked noobs.

SCV Football was also great. All those sport maps were great.

Ah I almost feel like reinstalling it tonight. I miss it.

I was decent in Ladder, not the best though. Zerg. My Macro/Micro skills were subpar.

DOTA 2 and that’s enough for next 10 years… I know there are many great online games but it’s so damn addictive… one is enough for me.

Ah yes, that rings a bell. I was fairly proficient at any of the races. Zerg was probably my favorite with Terran a quick second.

That looks Linux friendly, I may have to give it a try. :smile: I can get Starcraft playing on Linux, it just sort of sucks (performance wise). :frowning:

oh…i forgot… i actually have 2


This is online card game where I can play while relaxing

Have you ever played a MOBA before? DoTA, LoL, HoN, etc.

If you haven’t, don’t. Especially if you have any competitive bone in your body. They are life consuming.

No I haven’t. I’ve always been a RTS type person. I just love the fact that you have to put a lot of thought and planning into your execution while adjusting to the strategies your opponents are inflicting on you.

Yeah… MOBAs combine pretty much all competitive styles of play into a single game.

Individual and Group Strategy, Fast twitch based combat with precision (aiming), Teamwork, RPG PVP, Planning

I had to force myself to uninstall LoL a couple years ago, it was way too time consuming. Each match is minimum of 20 minutes and can go to an hour or more. Not including preparation. In ranked mode, preparation alone can take 10-15min. And you’re never satisfied with just 1 win or 1 loss per day.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time on HoN too, but thankfully DoTA 2 came out when I was trying to get out of playing.

I’ve recently been playing the 8-ball pool on Miniclips. Played someone once and one of my balls ended up between the black and a pocket so it was impossible for the other player to win and I could only play deliberate foul shots (white into pocket) as if I had tried to hit my ball in the black would have gone in

I play evony and lord of ages occasionally.

Online Games - Currently Playing Elsword.
FB Game- Farmville
Android - Candy cruch saga