Favicon not updating

It seems to me I’ve run into this before, but not quite like this.

On my local site, the icon will update, but it will not remotely.

Anyone got any ideas as to why?

I do admit it’s strange that it’s remote-only, but I assumed local was not coming from the server, or came from the server after a different type of request from the client browser.

Chrome is the really pretty one who occasionally kicks you in the shins for no apparent reason…

It’s all good now, I really don’t know why it was wonky or why it’s all good now.

It was strange, I deleted the favicon file, I’d get just the default icon. Put the correct favicon in and I’d be back to the old/incorrect favicon (which was totally gone).
Delete the source file again - default favicon. Put the correct file back, old (now deleted) favicon.
Except locally, where it worked as expected after a cache refresh. Well, a browser restart.

It’s all good now, like I said. I love pooters.

PS - Use the Fox? Absolutely. Nice balance of popular, firebuggable, and strict(er) in its renderifications. Opera is the most pleasing to me, but when the metal meets the meat I need to consider it’s market share as negligible.
Great deal of poor decision making and tilting at windmills in this web world in order to just stroke your own ego from what I can see.
I really should get on the Chrome bandwagon I guess, but I disapprove of Google’s world domination. They usually do pretty good stuff, and I’ve learned that in reality “every man has his price”. Or as my dear mother says “We’re all whores in our own way, just some of us are smart enough to get paid.”

Don’t get me started. Others do wisdom heavily wrapped in vitriol much better than I care to around here.

It was the local v remote thing that was weirding me out. I host remotely because I do not want to have to understand all that stuff. I’m thinking it was some weird server caching nonsense that is beyond me.
See if it captures my interest, I need to understand it. My interests are mercurial and impenetrable to me, I find it easier to try and control what gets in the line of fire. My wee brain just seems to go full tilt or full stop. Not giving it a target works better for me sometimes!

Just look Chrome straight in the eye and tell her “No, I did not sleep with your sister”. Apparently in reality eye contact(or lack of it) actually has little-nothing to do with lying, but browsers are even more misinformed than we are! Try it.

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You forgot Safari, the morbidly obese sister of Chrome that nobody wants to admit having dated :wink:

Seriously though, when it comes to Favicons, all the browsers have some really whacked out caching issues that seem to make it hard to update effectively :slight_smile:

Oh back to the topic, my icon was updating on my remote site, but it was very slightly distorted. Nothing I was too concerned about, I’d already been irked by it more than enough. Now it is 100% fine.
Mmeh, I dunno what was up. It’s all gooder even now. Maybe tomorrow it will start randomly making deposits in my PayPal!

Oh yeah, damn upstart Chrome. Throws my analogy right out of whack! Thanks Max. I know that girl…I mean browser.

If you’re using the Fox, it seems to tell you it’ll update its cache when you take the old one from its cold, dead hands.

For the fox I’ve needed to actually clear my cache. I would like to know if there’s a better way. Other browsers tend to update like anything else. I’ve heard of Safari caching favicons (as a problem for people running Apache anyway), but my copies update them.

You could show us your <head> markup and path and filetype to be absolutely sure though.

I remember someone over in the Apache forums having an issue with Safari continually requesting a favicon that it should have cached, to the point where the OP had even set expires dates and everything… and this re-asking was causing it to not show the favicon for some reason without a refresh.

Someone else over there had an issue with rotating images… Safari (and Chrome?) was caching them, and you had to manually refresh to show the image. People could see what Safari was doing in Apache.

If market share was the only concern (and have absolutely no doubt, if it is not a concern and you develop outside an intranet, market share SHOULD be a factor in your decisions) I’d be using IE.

Opera is the smart kid, IE is the popular one and FF is the one that I hang out with.

Maybe tomorrow it will start randomly making deposits in my PayPal!

Now that would be a browser bug they could call a feature!

If market share was the only concern (and have absolutely no doubt, if it is not a concern and you develop outside an intranet, market share SHOULD be a factor in your decisions) I’d be using IE.

We test in all anyway… does it matter? I even test in Konqueror, who I believe exactly 0 users have visited any of our sites with that one (except me for testing, lawlz).

Mm, just to make something clear, Firefox (for all the things that really PO me about it) is my main testing/development browser. I’d really, really, really like to be an Opera fan-girl, but it’s just too different from the basic browser template I’m most familiar with.

If you search through the “favicon update” threads around here, often it’s “why does it update in all my browsers but Firefox?” The answer to which seem, Firefox really needs you to completely clear your cache for some reason. It’s a known behaviour.

I don’t choose browsers based on market-share. Not sure why anyone would.