FAVICON Icon not displaying

Hey guys,

I just made my first website using CSS. I already know about some of the complaints but this is the way the owners wanted it. I just need some help getting the favicon to display.

I made the image, converted it and added the code into the html document but it isn’t showing up. Is there something I’m supposed to add to the stylesheet as well?

It shows up when I view it locally from my desktop but once I use the ftp transfer, and view it in firefox or IE, it’s not showing up anymore.

This is the website:


correction, it displays on safari but that’s it!

and Opera, not on chrome, ie, or firefox

Take a look at this page

They hash up everything I’d advise anyway :slight_smile:

It works for me, I think one issue might be your using RGB/A rather than just 256 colors (IE doesn’t like alpha transparency on occasion), also you don’t really need the 32x32 icon (16x16 is all browsers will handle). Or it could just be one of the many caching issues which exist with Favicon’s :slight_smile:

did you tried this ?

put this in the html header on your pages

<link rel=“shortcut icon” href=“favicon.png”/>

Well my file is a .ico which is what is required for IE to display. so .png won’t work but I did include that code in the html document, I mentioned in the beginning. Did you view the source code of the website?

I looked at the website the other person posted but I can’t find my issue - I’ve done everything they said!

so somehow, it’s displaying in IE now… but not in firefox…ARG!!! I read firefox is supposed to be the easiest one when it comes to favicons! :mad:

Well it works in FF 3.5 on my box; along with IE8, Opera 10.10, Google Chrome 3.something and Safari 4.something else.

That’s weird… why isn’t it working on my firefox…? I have 3.5 as well… every other favicon that’s open on my tabs is visible, except the one from my site… lol. You can see it in yours?? the little OGB logo?

It’s working for me in FF3.5, ie8 and Safari 4.

There was a recent thread that here about the favicon that might be of use: