Fast Moving Items

Hi guys, I am currently doing a Sales and Inventory system and one of the requirement is to keep track of the fast moving items. Can anyone of you help me on the formula for determining which among the products are fast moving. Thanks in advance.

I’d think it would be on the customer to define what fast moving is – can really change depending on the line of business.

It’s not the customer who defines the fast moving is, instead the system. It would be the system which will determine which among is the best selling products.

After spending less than a hour surfing the web, it seems that a lot of programmers uses the ABC ranking analysis.

I think it would depend on your definition of “fast moving”.

If you are wanting to calculate items that are selling fast since they were added, you can simply do a calculation like below:

Days Since Product Added / Number of Products Sold = Products Sold Per Day Since Listing

Then you can list those products in descending order to show the highest to lowest to show the “hottest” items. If you are looking for a different concept for fastest moving, you could probably tweak the formula.