Fast internet in the country?

i am considering buying a home in the country. right now, it has dsl at 5mbps download speeds (the owners allowed me to goto speedtest or similar) and very dismal upload speeds - as a web developer, I really would like faster speeds. Do I have any other options? What do you suggest?

ADSL speed in my place is 600k-1mb/s . You are luckier than me.We wish to have as fast as adsl speed in your country

5mbs its really fastest downloading speed

5Mbps is nothing to sneeze at. I’m running at less than 1Mbps (waiting an extra 10 seconds for an upload isn’t worth the additional $40 a month. I can rough it :stuck_out_tongue: )

Cable is your next step up, which is hit or miss out in the boonies.

Mobile broadband won’t exceed that of DSL, and is typically much more expensive, especially after hitting the data cap. That’s usually the last resort if nothing else is available.

I’m not sure if you’ve downloaded anything from the torrent or anything else all day.

Because I just think 5mbps is not slow at all.

I live in the country and am currently paying for “up to 8Mbps” but only get 1.5Mbps. Next year we should be getting 15Mbps :cool:

You say about upload speeds and they are not linked to download speeds as the providers limit them. Currently my upload speed on my 8Mbps package I think is still set to 0.512Mbps and I usualy get 0.256Mbps.

Doing a test and I have some better results than expected:
Download 2.43Mbps and upload 0.38Mbps

The inferstructure is never very good in the country and the best you can do is get a house next to the exchange :nono:

What country are you speaking of? US, UK, Australia? I live in the US in what most people would call the country and I have fantastic service from Comcast.

It really depends on what country you are in and what part of that country that you are in. I use Verizon Fios, and I haven’t had any problems at all.

I’m used to have a 10Mbps download and 0,256Mbps upload and most of the time it is right… yet, I wouldn’t mind to have a 1Mbps upload stream. Yet, I would have to pay quite a bit for that and right now it is not the moment. That extra is not worth it for the moment.

I think the country does not really matter as the OP is asking a general question.

As has been said 5Mbps is not bad especialy in the country and as I said upload speeds are very limited and there is not a lot you can do about it.

As I can see it you have to optimise your internal house wiring, move closer to the exchange, find a village with better internet access or work localy and upload/download at night.

I belive satallite is expensive as is working over a mobile phone/G3 network especialy if you are uploading downloading lots of files. If the broadband inferstructure is not that good then the probability is the G3 network is not that good either.

You either have to live with it for the benifits of living in the country or stay in a city.
You might strike lucky as I say we are getting 15Mbps next year and there are about 4 villages effected by the exchange upgrade; everyone else in the area is going to still be on 1-3Mbps.

I have 20 mbits.But Most of the servers are in US.So ping time is not good.

Here in the UK the fastest Internet is (upto) 100Mbps but that is only in certain areas (I think where the local exchanges have had an upgrade), probably the vast bulk of people’s Internet connections is still over copper wire, in areas where there is cable TV most connections will be fibre optic.

Don’t forget that when your browsing the web your download speed of websites will only be as fast as the slowest link between your computer and the server hosting whatever webpage your visiting.

How far are you away from the nearest telephone exchange, the further away from the exchange you are, the slower your connection will be, I don’t know however if the same holds true for fibre optic.

If you’re moving to the country, it largely depends on which country it’s in. :wink:

I was especially spoiled in Sweden, where you can get great speed DSL pretty much anywhere. DSL is what people use in Sweden if they don’t have a fiberoptic connection, which is standard in apartments in all larger cities. 100 Mbit/s is expected, and in Linkoping they’re now offering 1 Gbit/s connections to residents. It’s crazy.

And it doesn’t cost much either. I read somewhere that when Scandinavians tell Americans how much they pay their ISP, they think it’s weekly, when it in fact is monthly. I’ve lived in the US, and they are way behind when it comes to internet connections compared to Scandinavia. So is the UK. Things may have changed since I lived there though, but I doubt it.

At my place in a very small town in Sweden we have 24 Mbit/s DSL, meaning via telephone connection. We don’t get all of it, of course, since as the great SpacePhoenix said it depends on how far away you are from the nearest telephone exchange, but it’s still fast. And we can easily call them and upgrade to 60 Mbit/s DSL right away if we want to, it’s just not necessary.

In Holland I have cable connection instead, 25 Mbit/s, which is enough for my home office needs. Can upgrade that to a lot faster too. Right now it costs me about €40/month, not much, including cable TV as well (which I don’t use—have no TV).

My father has mobile internet via 3G and I’d say the coverage is the biggest issue with it. If you’re moving to the country and consider mobile internet, make sure there’s good coverage or you’ll get crap speeds. Other than that, it’s nice because you can use in anywhere, though you will never get the same speeds as DSL, cable or fiberoptic.

I’d go with DSL, but if you’re in the US I have no idea how good it is in the “country”. I wouldn’t trust mobile internet if it’s going to be used for serious work. :slight_smile:

Damn , I am using 256 KBPS in India , Hyderabad and totally satisfied.

I have the fastest connection you can get where i live…

Down: 12Mbps
up: 0.64Mbps

was stuck at a 64k isdn connection untill a few yrs ago…

60 kilometer to nearset small town with a population of 2-3k people…

in which country i live, the 5 mbs is too much fast speed to downloading…

I live in the INDIA and at present using 512 kbps , connection By MTNL !

I don’t think that 5 Mbps is such a bad speed. Even if you are going to do your development work, 5Mbps would be enough for you to download and upload files.