Fast crawl rate

I want Google to crawl my website Fast, can anyone let me know how to do it?

Get someone to link to your page from their index page.
I can get my sites into google in under two days this way, because for some reason google visits one particular site of mine very regularly. I have been known to add a fee for this to a new client’s bill if they say “and get me into google quickly”…
They think I must be doing something very special to get them in so fast :wink:

I think that having a google sitemap also means that they crawl the rest of the site a bit sooner, but it has no effect on seo, whatever others tell you.

Aside from what Dr John suggested, when you find an extra nine or so hours, add your url/info to all of these… it’s extremely teadious, and I dread doing it myself, but it works.

that rite submitting sitemap in google with make them quickly index, also submitting your url to social bookmarking sites too can increase the rate.

  1. Post frequently (at least once a day)
  2. Become popular on social sites like twitter , and facebook
  3. Sign and up submit to google webmasters
  4. Get linked by high quality sites . Easiest way to do this is guest posting.
  5. Ping !!! aka