Fanlisting help!

hey i have a fanlisting site im trying to put up
it keeps coming out like this but im trying to add the header and background image but its not coming up can someone help me

Hi @mnopstuv5000,

Welcome to the forum.

First problem to fix is the path to style.css. Once the path corrected then run validate the page by pasting your link into the following validator:

i did the style.css thing now it looks like this
the designer that design the layout sent me the header and background images too
he said to "in your root folder/fanlist folder add the files I sent you for the design (images and all the .php ones)
the images to background and header is header.png and bg.png i had upload them to my ftp but they dont show on the site
what do i do

why is my header and background images(header.png and bg.png)
not appearing on my site.
want should i do to make them appear
someone tell me reply back as soon as possible this is the site page where im trying to get it to appear

There’s something very dodgy about your setup. Your image links lead to whole pages of content.