Falling Confetti

What is the javascript code that is used to make this?

Can it be put inside a jsfiddle?


I have a fiddle here to test it on.

The confetti animation would occur after 1 click. It would appear once and that’s it.

Have you googled for this effect? It’s very 80s.

The code to do it is in here.

oh, I don’t think this is done with pure javascript. It also has json.

No that’s just the conic gradient effect, If you want the confetti then you will need the js that goes with it.

I think you can find it here.


I had a quick go at it but the JS is above my pay scale :slight_smile:

It seems to work but probably not implemented 100% correctly.

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What is spread equivalent to in px value?

70 spread would mean what in px?


  • spread Number (default: 45) : How far off center the confetti can go, in degrees. 45 means the confetti will launch at the defined angle plus or minus 22.5 degrees.

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