Fake Facebook Accounts

Dear all,

I have recently signed up to facebook. I noticed the alarming number of fake accounts, which normally have a model as the picture profile with 4,999 friends, which is probably the facebook maximum. These fake profiles then direct their users to links and adverts.

Has anybody else noticed this?
Does this back-handed form of marketing get results?
What are your views on this.

I would be interested in hearing things people have to say about this.

Kind Regards,


In my experience, SEO Professionals are a bunch of Voodoo priests who spend their days cashing in their souls for higher positions. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, many of them still pump meta keyword spam into their sites even though it’s been proven that search engines ignore them.

I wouldn’t trust anything that comes from someone professing to be an expert on SEO (in opposition to marketing) but that’s just me :slight_smile:

Surely professional SEO’s won’t be doing this. If it’s not affective, then why do it?

I recently saw a SEO company were I am setting up vasts amounts of fake Facebook accounts. They even went to the degree of creating a fake Facebook person who they alleged this Page 3-like model worked for them. Even having her photo and facebook profile on their main website.

Yes it does happen, no it doesn’t get results (except when they sell the fake friends to other people) and it’s a pretty stupid and very SEO minded technique. :frowning: