Factoring Question

I am aware of the merchant account rules regarding factoring.

But many of my competitors allow there customers to use their merchant account to buy event tickets.

How do they get away with that?

One of the biggest examples in PayPal :slight_smile:

Aha … now this makes sense. I thought
you were selling the tickets yourself.

I read the following in FAQ for this forum. My customers sell their tickets on my site. We only sell the tickets and charge a per ticket fee.

• Factoring - Visa and MasterCard do not allow more then one business to use a merchant account. All accounts must be established for one business and to be used only for that business’ products and services. When a business processes transactions for another business, even if they own that business, they are “factoring”.

Please explain. Buying event tickets is
selling a tangible product but “factoring”
is a financing option for businesses that
sell their receivables.

Maybe I do not understand your use
of the term 'factoring".