Facing problems, with my 2 years old website yet no Backlinks?

*Actually, with 1 of my website which is 2 years old having good content of web application development services.

But bad thing is that no backlinks .
Even sits having 1 PR .
All the keywords are on 2nd nd 3rd page .
Did lot of works over the 2 years in off page activities like article submissions, Directory submissions, Social Bookmarks, Blogs comments, Forums posting .
After doing all these heavy work i am upset with Google about unfair of my website .
Please Give a glans to my post and Do help me with your best suggestions .

All suggestions would be very welcome !! Thanks*

Can you provide your website URL that would be more helpful in analyzing your website. When your keywords are on 2nd & 3rd page “All the keywords are on 2nd nd 3rd page” it is unbelievable that you don’t have backlinks.

Why do you think your site is being treated unfairly? I don’t know if you noticed, but there are a million websites out there JUST LIKE YOURS. Not to mention, “article submissions, Directory submissions, Social Bookmarks, Blogs comments, Forums posting” are more likely to hurt your site then help!


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This sounds unlikely, if you did all that stuff it’s inconceivable you have no backlinks at all, how are you checking them? The “backlink checkers” you get online really vary in quality, I compared a couple the other day on a domain I had just started optimising, I knew for certain I had about 30 backlinks. One checker listed 0, the other listed 350.

[FONT=verdana]How do you know there are no backlinks? What tool, if any, are you using to check for that?

The reason I ask is that there is no 100% reliable method of checking backlinks. No tool can tell you how many links point to your site. Those that try do so are notorious for under-estimating the number. I’ve seen sites where one tool shows over a hundred links, but another tool shows none.

As for your article submissions, social bookmarking, etc, many of these will at best give you links with a Nofollow attribute, which is useless for SEO purposes. Even if the link is not Nofollow, this kind of linking is pretty worthless anyway. Better to focus on creating top quality content that will attract real links from relevant sites.